Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Arduino

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that has a community of Makers, Coders, Artists and Engineers who continually create projects and refine other’s projects. The community continues to build tutorials, build projects, and expand the abilities of Arduino every day. Check out the 10 best websites to learn Arduino below the video of one of the original designers of Arduino.

The top 10 best websites to learn Arduino:

  1. – The official site for the Arduino project has some of the best examples of Arduino Projects, tutorials, user forums, videos and much more.
  2. – The official Twitter account for Arduino is a great way to learn about the most recent developments of Arduino, project examples, and to start following fellow Arduino enthusiasts.
  3. – Wikipedia gives a great overview, history and current usage for the Arduino platform. A great place to begin your journey with the Arduino that will give a great base from which you can continue learning.
  4. – Makershed is the official store of MAKE: Magazine which posts schematics for Arduino projects, and many Arduino components are available from Makershed that are unavailable anywhere else.
  5. – Sparkfun is a company that sells Arduino Kits and components for enthusiasts. Products also available through
  6. – Similar to Makershed and Sparkfun, Adafruit provides Arduino Kits, components and other Arduino Printed Circuit Board types such as the Arduino Nano (A smaller version of the Arduino Uno, which is the Arduino board most beginners get started with)
  7. – Reddit is a great resource to learn more about Arduino news and projects, as well as ask questions about Arduino. Once you begin to learn more and more you can start helping newbies to Arduino by answering their questions, which will help you to learn the Arduino even faster and helps build the community.
  8. – instructables is a fantastic website for makers of everything from furniture to art projects. Users submit instructions and projects which can then be built and improved by any member of the community. Instructables has a great section covering Arduino projects. Definitely a website to keep in
  9. – Arduino is entirely open source, which means all instructions (plans for the printed circuit board and software) are available online to be downloaded and can be modified for your particular project. Github is a powerful tool in its own right and learning both Arduino and Github will help you in your prototyping career.
  10. – Learn more in depth the detail and history of Arduino, including where the name “Arduino” came from.


If you are itching to get started learning Arduino, one of the best websites I have found online is which will allow you to design, test and share Arduino projects virtually for free. A great website to prototype projects before they’re built in the real world, and this can be for many reasons. For example, the Arduino or its components can be damaged if they are installed incorrectly, the resistance is too low, or a short-circuit exists within the system. By prototyping your original Arduino projects, it can be ensured that the circuit will operate correctly and the project will be successfully implemented.